WH Now is a Tech enabled, On Demand warehousing & supply chain provider. We serve all clients in B2B space. We help Companies & Businesses who are product based Companies & require storage and distribution for there products. We help them by providing them with warehouses & run operations or provider first mile & last mile deliveries as per their requirement. Through our tech platform the Companies can have dashboards giving them clear visibility of their stocks and its movement.
Traditionally warehousing contracts are for longer term ranging for 3-5 years with big lock ins. This rigidity leaves businesses to forecast for longer term needs leading to possible error which can change requirement due to external or internal factors. However, with changing times businesses requirements are changing. is a need for short term warehousing and There reduced/flexible lock ins. This is where Warehouse Now helps businesses get space and operations which are run professionally on our tech platform for shorter & flexible period.
You need to share your requirement with us & we will pick & shortlist warehouses for you which meets your specific requirement. Post selection and confirmation at your end, the agreement process is initiated, with conclusion of that you are ready to use your warehouse. We can also handle end to end operations of the warehouse inlcuding the logistics.
Yes, we are flexible. We understand that you may need only space sometime and we can provide warehousing space in 100+ cities in our Tech enabled connected warehouses.
Yes. We can take over your existing warehouse and manage end to end operations of the warehouse and provide all reports on inventory movement to ensure your products are taken care of.
Yes. We have a large fleet of vehicles which can be deployed for FTL/PTL logistics as per your requirement at very competitive price. We can also take care of last mile deliveries.
Yes. We have a team of experienced and professional manpower at these warehouses to manage any category of products.
We have multiple options for payments. You can through your relationship manager agree to make payments through RTGS/NEFT on monthly basis. We also have enabled credit card payments for your smaller needs.
We keep things easy for you. Be it electricity, water or any other infrastructure or resource you use at our warehouse. The same is paid by us on your behalf and you get a single invoice from our end for all the services. This helps in avoiding multiple vendor payments and keeping track of last dates of payments.
We have a Android app WAREHOUSE NOW where you can fill in the details of your vacant warehouse/ extra space and register with us for free. You can also send the same to us on our whatsapp number for our team to register your warehouse. Alternatively you can fill in the form on our website to register your warehouse. You can register multiple locations with single login and edit their availability, pricing etc basis our inputs or as per your need.
We pay you on monthly basis, the earnings will reflect in your login and the credit will be made every month. We will ensure you don’t have to put effort to call your tenants for rentals or other payments.