Built-to-Suit Development Fast Forward Your Business

Built-to-suit developments allow clients to fully meet their operational and corporate needs including function, image, and workplace strategy

Warehouse Now- Built to Suit (BTS) Capabilities
  • Finds a suitable land parcel for BTS - after checking necessary documentations
  • Helps the landlord get a loan or a investor to put money to help him make a BTS
  • Asset developed as per the occupier’s requirements
  • Appoint contractors, arrange licenses & ensures the correct specifications are complied
  • Pre-agreed lease terms as agreed by the occupier
  • The Client signs up an agreement with Warehouse Now for the warehouse

Warehouse Now Infrastructure & Automation Services


Warehouse Infrastructures

We design a well-planned, well-structured warehouse that comes with all the necessary equipment including sheet covers, pallet racks, trollies, HPT, BOPT, Forklifts & dock levellers

Warehouse Automation

Our warehouses come with excellent automation systems in order to make goods storage and warehouse operations easier and quicker. Conveyor systems, automatic guided vehicles, retrieval systems, smart inventory management, sorting and picking systems all make up our warehouse automation

Housekeeping & Administrative Services

We provide housekeeping staff for the upkeep of your warehouse and well-trained, experienced administrative team aided by an advanced and efficient WMS to make the warehouse operations seamless

Certification & Compliances

We support our clients with required registrations and approvals

Shop and Establishment Certificate

MSME Registration

GST Registration

FSSAI License

Drug License

CLRA License

Permissions from Fire
Highway Authority

Land Acquisition Approvals

Tenancy Clearances

Gram Panchayat NOC

7/12 opening for all LAA

No Reservation Certificate for the project

“Built to suit warehousing is a customisable process to design and construct each warehouse to suit your specific needs”


Room For Client-Driven Decision Making

At Warehouse Now we allow our clients to lead the decision-making, regarding the design & execution process to build a warehouse best suited for their infrastructure requirements


Built-to-Suit Models

We offer two built-to-suit models:
A) Base built to suit: Building a facility from the ground up on an existing site, based on the client’s requirements and specifications
B) End-to-end real estate + Built to suit: Managing the entire process from site sourcing and selection, due diligence, acquisition and planning permissions in addition to the existing base built-to-suit proposition.


One Company, One Process

We handle all your built-to-suit needs so that there is no need for you to handle multiple parties and their agreements. From warehouse design, value engineering, construction management, procuring statutory approvals & permissions, punctual project completion, and property/asset management, we make the built-to-suit process easy for you

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