Manpower Services for Flexible & Business Growth

We provide On-Demand Industry specific trained manpower with no minimum period

Work Now Solutions

Warehouse Now provides trained manpower basis product experience to provide the best service for our client


Supply Chain

Manpower support is available for picking up and shipping orders, after the inventory storage is complete, to fulfil the supply chain operations.


Support Services

Trained labour is available to support services while manufacturing, packing, picking up, and shipping of orders to the next destination.


Blue Collar Employment

Surety of trained manpower support to edge over the competitive market for various operations and services required by clients.


Payroll Services

After the inventory has been stored and is ready to be transported again, shipping carriers such as DHL, USPS, and UPS pick up

Manpower for Logistics and Supply Chain

Warehouse Now provides on-demand manpower to align your supply chain solutions

We have skilled and semi-skilled labour for all your needs including:

  • Loaders/Unloaders
  • Helpers
  • Shift & Floor Supervisors
  • Data Entry Operators
  • Delivery Assistants
  • Pickers/Packers
  • Checkers
  • Quality Checkers & Assistants
Blue Collar Manpower

Our WMS helps you to automate your fulfillment process and streamline your supply chain

Benefits of hiring manpower
support from Warehouse Now

  • warehousing On-demand manpower support available
  • warehousing Skilled and semi-skilled labour as demand
  • warehousing Substantial savings in manpower costs
  • warehousing Efficient outputs
  • warehousing Performance monitoring
  • warehousing Attendance collation system

Manpower support available
for the following roles

  • warehousing Manufacturing Technician
  • warehousing General Maintenance worker
  • warehousing Computer Operator & Programming
  • warehousing Warehouse supervisor
  • warehousing Welder (Gas & Electric)
  • warehousing WMS & TMS Operators

Payroll Management & Outsourcing Services

We provide the required transformation through our payroll management services

We have streamlined payroll management to help integrate systems for convenient and easy operations. We have accurate systems to maintain a record of the work, performance, attendance, and leaves of manpower. Our data is linked to payroll management systems to ensure accuracy of the data provided. Our services also include:

  • warehousing Shorter turnaround time
  • warehousing High-end data security
  • warehousing Aligned payroll functions under one umbrella
  • warehousing Flawless documentation process
  • warehousing Highly qualified team of professionals
  • warehousing Adherence to statutory compliance regulations with timely reporting
  • warehousing Risk mitigation
  • warehousing Efficient resolution of queries
  • warehousing Multiple reports for an informed decision making
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