Warehouse Now Compliance

We provide a compliance service for
warehousing & supply chain

Benefits of Compliances Offered by Warehouse Now

  • Hassle free operations of warehouses
  • Higher chances of risk coverage during unforeseen
  • Compliant supply chain & business
  • Faster due diligences
  • Norms for warehousing & manpower being met
  • Smooth movement of goods due to compliant drivers and vehicles.

Requirements for a Fully Compliant Service

Software that connects to your store


You need GST & APOB, Trade Licenses, Shops and Establishment License and Custom Registration for completing the registration process.


You require a NOC from local Municipal corporation, a Factory License and All Vehicles used for transportation to have legal documents.


To own a fully compliant business place you should review the (Sales Deed, Tax Receipt), Registration Lease Deed, Proof of business, Proof of Address, and Incorporation documents.


For setting up a fully compliant service you need Certification from the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS)/ CWC/FCI Standards, and FSSAI License/Registration.


The required insurances for compliance services are Purchased Stocks Transportation and Transit Insurance, Burglary Insurance (Rule 3 (8), Warehouse Regulations, 2011), Workmen Compensation Insurance, Fire Insurance (Rule 3(8), Warehouse Regulation 2011), Product Liability Insurance, and Cargo Insurance.

Environmental Licenses

Your services should not harm the environment, and to ensure this you should have a NOC from State Pollution Control Board, a NOC Explosive Clearance Licence, Clearance under Essential Commodities, ACT 1995, and Fire-fighting arrangements with fire extinguisher & sand buckets.

Certification & Compliances

We support our clients with required registrations and approvals

Shop and Establishment Certificate

MSME Registration

GST Registration

FSSAI License

Drug License

CLRA License

Permissions from Fire
Highway Authority

Land Acquisition Approvals

Tenancy Clearances

Gram Panchayat NOC

7/12 opening for all LAA

No Reservation Certificate for the project

Security Measures Followed by Warehouse Now for Compliances

Warehouse Now takes all safety measures to fulfill compliance

  • Ensuring that all goods are transported after following correct packing norms.
  • Ensuring that a copy of that list is handed to the in-charge of the warehouse.
  • Entry and Exit points guarded by trained security
  • Maintaining proper registers of the goods which are unloaded in the warehouse
  • Legal compliances at the warehouses for space & manpower deployed
  • Well protected boundary walls/wired fencing.

Allied Services


Certification & Compliances

For setting up a fully compliant service you need Certification from the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS)/CWC/FCI Standards, and FSSAI License/Registration.


Warehouse Infrastructure

Built-to-suit developments allow clients to fully meet their operational and corporate needs including function, image and workplace strategy.


Security, Housekeeping & Administrative Services

Trained labour is available to support services while manufacturing, packing, picking up, and shipping of orders to the next destination.


Warehouse Automation

Warehousing operations are coordinated using inventory management software which helps you to optimize your warehouse operations.


Work Now

Our unique competency to bring enhanced efficiency by streamlining the client’s manufacturing process makes us one of the leading manpower provider in supply chain.


Transport Now

Choose any logistic service, multiple shipping and live tracking options.

Other Supply Chain Solutions



Warehousing services for storage of products at large warehouses with equipment such as forklifts, containers, shelves, and docks, to smaller storage spaces to hold excess product.


Inventory Management

Managing inventory and monitoring product information and other operations including tracking inventory levels, ordering and restocking inventory, and demand forecasting to ensure you never run out of stock.


Third-Party Logistics

A 3PL handles order fulfilment services including warehousing products while replenishing often, inventory management, warehouse picking, packing, shiping, and other services needed to get orders to your customers.

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